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Raising Funds for Bhumi to Transform Education in Shelter Homes

Shelter homes are often the last resort for children who have been abandoned, orphaned, or have no other family to take care of them. The children in these homes face many challenges, including a lack of education and opportunities for sustainable livelihood. Bhumi, one of India’s largest volunteer organizations, is working to change this. We are providing holistic education and sustainable livelihood options to children in shelter homes across India.

Bhumi to provides holistic education and sustainable livelihood to children in shelter homes across India. But we cannot do it without your support and generosity. We need your help to provide a better and more secure future for these economically disadvantaged children. So, together we can build a better India for the underprivileged children of our country.

Please donate to our campaign. Thank you for your support!



Children in shelter homes are managed and looked after by the warden(s) or caretakers. Usually, the ratio of warden to children is 1:40. This large ratio makes it difficult for the children to receive the individual care, education, and attention they need for their development. Furthermore, most of these shelter homes are technologically underequipped to facilitate an environment that is conducive to the growth of the children. We have identified the problem in four major domains: 


  • Shelter Homes are Under-resourced: The shelter homes are under-resourced and this affects the quality of life and adult outcomes of the children.
  • Lack of Skill & Emotional Support for Children: There is a lack of educational access, inadequate support in developing life skills, and no emotional support to cope outside the shelter home
  • Bad Habits: Children who have grown up in shelter homes often take up menial jobs or get trapped in alcoholism, violence, and drug abuse.
  • The Cycle of Poverty: Elder children (11th/12th std) often lack guidance and the necessary support to prepare them for life after 12th std. They enter work right after high school to support the family, unable to take up a stable career.



Bhumi’s transformational education programme is delivered for the underprivileged children at shelter homes to bridge the lack of foundational literacy/numeracy skills and minimise rote learning and encourage holistic development contributing to enhancing 21st-century skills such as critical and cognitive thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, ethics, social responsibility, and digital literacy that advocates and equips the underserved children to thrive in today’s world. 

The programme renders quality supplementary education for underprivileged children of classes 1 – 12; through weekly supplementary education to bridge the lack of fundamentals while focusing on increasing their academic skills and bridging the gaps in their learning needs. The projects covered are English, Mathematics, Science, Computer, Robotics, Life Skills/Mentoring, Arts, Dance, and Sports. 

Volunteers register and apply through their official website, where they are oriented into the system. Volunteers are then affiliated with the project of their interest receiving rigorous training in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, and year-round support from the National Support Team/Bhumi Support Team.

Special Features of Ignite Shelter Homes Programme

  • Customised curriculum for each project to equip the learning gaps in a case-by-case scenario
  • Individual skill-based learning and talent/behavioral development contributing to reduced dropout from school
  • A platform for children to showcase their talent and flair through Bhumi’s annual talent fest and annual educational fest
  • Children equipped in a specific project to gain exposure in competitions such as FLL (First LEgo League, NIIT Certifications, Olympiad, etc.)
  • The programme can be rapidly scaled to accommodate more shelter homes.

Our vision is to provide sustainable livelihoods to underprivileged children in shelter homes. To achieve this, we provide holistic education and life-skills support to them through trained volunteers.


The Ask

Low Budget 
Expense Head Total Cost (INR) Cost / Child (INR) 
Programme Staff                 3,456,000                   2,304
Teaching & Learning Materials                    287,500                       192
Events & Tech                 2,052,000                   1,368
Recruitment & Training                 2,736,000                   1,824
Miscellaneous Incidental Expenses                   896,650                       598
Admin (5%)                   471,408                       314
Total                 9,899,558                   6,600



When you donate to Bhumi, you are supporting holistic education and sustainable livelihoods for children in shelter homes throughout India. Bhumi’s on-ground efforts provide these children with the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for themselves.

With your help, Bhumi can continue its efforts and reach even more children and give them a chance for a better future. Please donate now!


About Bhumi

Bhumi is one of India’s largest volunteer organizations. We enable over 30,000 volunteers every year for the Sustainable Development Goals. Bhumi provides comprehensive educational support for over 25,000 underprivileged children across India.

We are working towards a more equal and educated India through our volunteers.

Our Programs:

Ignite: Educational support for children in shelter homes, communities, and schools across India. Trained volunteers and Fellows deliver this program towards sustainable livelihoods.

Catalyse: Civic initiatives that aim to make volunteering a habit and get every Indian volunteering. It involves volunteering for causes like environment, animal welfare, community welfare, and more.

Giving is about better outcomes and bigger opportunities. Give with Bhumi to empower lives and transform communities.




Are donations to Bhumi tax exempt?


Yes – Donations to Bhumi are tax exempted under 80G in India & 501(c)(3) in the USA.

  • Donate via ‘Donate (INR)’ to claim a 50% tax exemption in India.
  • Donate via ‘Donate (Others)’ to claim tax exemption in the USA.

How will I get a tax exemption receipt for my donation?

Donation receipts will be shared by email –  To the email address provided while making the donation. 

In case you have not received an acknowledgment/confirmation or receipt after a successful donation, please write to us: [email protected].

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Most of the time, the amount debited is automatically reversed by the payment gateway. However, if you have received a payment successful message from the payment gateway, please contact us > [email protected], we’ll provide the necessary support